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Supporting Diverse Candidates into Politics

Who Are We?

The Racial Diversity Campaign (RDC) is dedicated to advancing the Lib Dem aim to build and safeguard a fair, free and open society, in which we seek to balance the fundamental values of liberty, equality and community values of equality, social justice, and inclusivity.

This can only be achieved by actively supporting diverse candidates into elected office as Liberal Democrats. Our mission is to foster a political landscape that reflects the principles of our Party, ensuring fair representation and amplifying the voices of underrepresented communities.

Accelerator Programmes


The Access Accelerator

The Access Accelerator is an informative programme specifically designed to assist individuals in understanding and becoming approved candidates. This inclusive programme welcomes participants from all backgrounds, regardless of past political affiliations. Through a series of expert-led webinars, participants will gain a comprehensive understanding of the approval process, learning essential information and acquiring valuable tips and strategies to navigate each stage effectively.

Launching: August 2023


The Selection Accelerator

The Selection Accelerator is a transformative programme specifically designed to increase the chances of candidates transitioning from being elected candidates to selected candidates. By combining comprehensive training, in-depth understanding of the political landscape, and expert mentorship, this programme empowers candidates to enhance their capabilities, strategic thinking, and overall candidacy. Through rigorous training sessions, candidates gain practical skills and knowledge that significantly improve their chances of success in the selection process. 

Launching: November 2023

The Election Accelerator

The Election Accelerator is an engaging and adaptable programme specifically designed to support candidates from racially diverse backgrounds on their journey from the selection stage to running a successful election campaign. This comprehensive accelerator combines targeted training, strategic insights into the electoral landscape, and expert mentorship to empower candidates with the skills and knowledge needed to achieve victory. 

Launching: Spring 2024


“The RDC represents a bold step in the right direction for the Liberal Democrats. It fulfils the distinct need to find, support and train BAME candidates.”

Sir Ed Davey 

Leader of the Liberal Democrats

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